what we believe 

Why We Are Here - God made Himself known


For many people God seems distant and unknowable. The beauty of the world around us shows the marks of a creator but - more than that - we believe that God has actually made himself known to people throughout the ages. He has done this through the Bible and in being born as a human being in Jesus, to live in his world. This God loves his creation and seeks relationship with us.


Christchurch exists to share this love of Jesus with the people of Market Harborough. The church started in 2011 and grew out of a homegroup that met in people's houses in the town. It is an independent evangelical church (affiliated with the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches - FIEC). Christchurch currently meets in a school hall for main services and in other venues for smaller groups and events.


Who we are - ordinary people 


Christchurch is made up of a diverse group of people living in and around Market Harborough. We meet together regularly to learn about God and to worship him. We want to help everyone to discover God for themselves and share in his wonderful gift of life in Jesus. We organise a variety of events that are designed to introduce people to this Christian message, the gospel. We also meet socially, help each other out and the church kids have a great time together.


The Gospel in a Nutshell


We believe that God created this world and that he is good, generous and loving to all he has made. Human beings have rejected God and rebelled against his good rule, trying instead to enjoy his world without reference to Him. This is what the Bible calls “sin” and is what continues to separate us from God. This broken relationship with our creator is at the heart of all of the problems we see around us and in ourselves.


God has not left us in this situation, but sent his Son, Jesus into the world to die in our place. On the cross, Jesus has taken the judgment that we rightly deserve so that anyone who trusts in him is forgiven for all they have done that offends God. The cross means that we can be set free from guilt and fear. 


We believe that Jesus rose from the dead to give us new life and that after death, Christian believers will also be raised to enjoy a new creation that is even better than all we enjoy now but with none of the pain or sadness that spoils this world. 


We believe that God continues to speak to us and to help us by his Spirit and that he does this supremely through the Bible as it is taught and explained faithfully. This enables us to live well in the light of what God has already done for us in Jesus and what we are waiting to enjoy from him in the future. 


We know that this all might sound too good to be true so we invite you to explore with us the claims of Christianity and the credibility of the Bible for yourself. We also run a course called Christianity Explored specifically for this. 


We are Committed to:


Hearing the good news of Jesus


You will find that most of our gatherings are centred around God’s Word, the Bible, being taught. This helps us to understand God and what he has done in our world and in us through Jesus, so that we live lives that please him whatever good or bad things we might be going through. 


Building up disciples of Jesus 


We aren’t perfect, but know that we are a community of broken and flawed people who have been forgiven, and who are seeking by the help of God's Spirit to become more like Jesus and the people he wants us to be. We want to help everyone to deepen their relationship with God through Bible study, prayer and the encouragement of other believers. 


Reaching out with the Gospel


As Christians, God commands us to be outwards facing, loving all people, and sharing with them the good news about Jesus. We support Christians around the world in this mission and enjoy organising events locally in which friends, neighbours and colleagues can be introduced to the message of Christianity. 


Engaging with our culture and community 


We aim to understand our culture and its needs and pray regularly for our community in and around Market Harborough. We want our preaching to be stimulating and relevant for all kinds of people and many of our regular events seek to bless our society through deepening relationships or material help. 




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